In case you didn't know, I love affirmations. I post them daily on facebook and twitter because they have been one of the tools that have really helped me deal with my "stuff".

Affirmations encourage positive self-talk.

True story. One of my main problems back in the day was the way I talked to myself. I was verbally abusive to a lot of people, but mostly to myself. I'd call myself fat, ugly, and tell myself that no one was going to love me, ever. I was so stupid for every mistake I made. I should've known better, done better, been better...

Affirmations woke me up to a whole new way of speaking to myself. I know that some people think affirmations are lame, and that's totally okay, but for me, they triggered a wonderful change in myself, and I love sharing that with everyone else. I love encouraging people to make that change. I love showing people that you are allowed to think good things and it feels good.

I think that a lot of people are turned off from affirmations because it doesn't feel real or authentic or they can't believe it. Some affirmations are a little out there. "My body is finally catching up with the skinny person that lives inside it." I've seen that one and it makes me raise a skeptical eyebrow and go "No thank you."

Wanna know a secret?

Affirmations don't have to be all light and lovey-dovey. Don't get me wrong, I like those, and I use those, but that might not be your thing and some days it's not my thing. I'm just as likely to say "Today I overcome all of my problems and everything goes my way." as I am: "I am totally going to kick this day's ass and it's going to freaking rock."

Speak your affirmations in your own language.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself what a kickin' ass and takin' names badass you are. Tell yourself that you are going to rock this day. That you are going to get massive amounts of shit done and not freak out. That you are epic and you pwn all (that's gamer speak). Of course I've never been known to dance in front of the mirror telling myself how I'm the most fabulous, lovely, shmexy, person I've ever met, nope, not me at all.

You don't have to change who you are to change how you talk to yourself.

You don't have to turn into some sort of enlightened guru to connect with yourself. As long as what you are saying feels good and is positive in your interpretation then go for it ya know? Make it colorful, make it fun, make it truth.

What's your favorite positive thing to tell yourself?


  1. I'm with you! I like the flowery ones but I slip into sailormouth mode quite a bit myself. There's something about wordy-dirds that really drive important points home at times.

  2. I love it!! It makes so much sense. If your affirmations don't sound like something you'd say, how are you going to believe them deep down inside?

    Must share this xx