I've been a busy Dominee lately! I decided that it was time to buckle down and create this Self Love Planner that's been bouncing around in my head this entire year.

And guess what?

I did it!

I am so proud and bursting with joy over my new baby! I tried some new things, tinkered with some new programs and I think it turned out completely rock balls awesome.

I want to share it with you and I really really REALLY want to hear what you think. This is like the prototype for what's coming in the future so lemme know what you like and what you want improved upon! The price is $13 (only $8 if you are signed up for the newsletter and using the super secret discount code) and I feel good about this! Really freakin' good.

This is the first project that I've released that I actually have everything set up and ready days before the launch. And you want to know another secret?

I don't feel scared, not even a bit.

This one feels right.

This one makes me really proud in a way that the others didn't. (Shh... I think I'm coming into my self confidence here) I'm not full of doubts, I'm not thinking that it's not-good-enough, I'm pleased as punch and I hope I feel more of this in the future!

Anyway, share it, like it, tweet it, print it out and kiss it, bequeath it to your heirs, and all that jazz.
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I totally love you.

Thanks so much! (Clicky the link and check it out)

P.S. I'm in desperate need of testimonials to make the sales page all shiny so send 'em to Dominee@blessingmanifesting.com and I will hug you and squeeze you and love you for eber and eber. (Which is a really long time, in case you didn't know.)


  1. These look AWESOME Dominee - alas, I'm all planner-ed out now. Happy to share on with my tribe though, in case any of them aren't.

    Best of luck with getting the word out about it :-)



  2. This is so fabulous! I'll be letting people know!

  3. Congratulations Dominee!! Well done you! Love that your self-confidence is growing in your creations! Big round of applause to you! x