I'm happy to announce the winners of the 2013 Yearly Forecast Oracle Card reading are Bex and Sherzzam!

Hey there oh awesome one. I was thinking the other day, it's totally time for a giveaway. I'm all kinds of in love with sharing the wealth, giving stuff away, and making your day all super shiny. Best way to do that? Well give you stuff of course! I was digging into Goddess Leonie's Create Your Amazing Year Workbook and in the workbook she suggests doing a 2013 Oracle Card Reading by pulling a card for each month of the year and then I thought, why don't I offer that to you?! You can now purchase a 2013 Forecast offering on my Oracle Page but now I'm giving two of them away!

How To Enter

I'm all about simplicity, it makes my heart happy. Wanna know what you need to do to enter yourself in this giveaway?

Share this post on either Twitter, Facebook, Google+, your newsletter or your blog. (Sharing once is perfect and all you need to do, share more than once and I will give you internet hugs of epic gratitude)

Leave me a comment right here telling me where you shared + tell me what your biggest dream for 2013 is.

That's it! So share this post on some sort of social media, and then leave me a comment telling me what magic you are planning on manifesting next year.


One of two!! 2013 Oracle Card Reading Yearly Forecasts!

An Oracle Card Reading that encompasses the ENTIRE year. A peak at what is to come for you!

You will get an e-book sent to your e-mail full of pictures of your twelve cards, organized by month, with in-depth information about each card.


You have until Tuesday December 4th to enter and I'll tell you who has won on Wednesday the 5th!

The two winners will be picked at random!

You get to pick which deck I will do your reading with.

It'll take up to two weeks for you to get your reading



  1. Hey Dominee! I'd love this freebie :-) Shared on fb. My biggest goal for 2013 is to GET BETTER FROM M.E. AND DEPRESSION!! I can't wait! Can't wait to get stuck into Leonie's workbook too :-) love to you xxx

  2. Shared on Facebook! What an awesome giveaway!

  3. PS I think maybe you meant 4th and 5th December not November??! :-D

  4. Hehehe, yes I did and I just fixed it!

  5. Share on Facebook and Twitter! I want this because I want my bussiness grow on 2013 as a Life Coach! 

  6. I just share it on my FB :) My biggest dream for 2013 is for Nigel, Sarah, the baby to be born in May 2013 & I to move to Hawaii from a dream to a reality!

  7. inner peace and shared on facebook <3

  8. You are SO sweet and I('ve) always loved your readings! My wildest dream for 2013... finding a stable job and my biggest passion (oh I have to many right now, lol!). Shared it at twitter! I'll post it again one of these days too. Thank you so much for this opportunity. :)

  9. Shared!

    My dream for 2013 is to get my own home and move out of my parents box room!
    Thanks Dominee <3

  10.  Oh good! So we're not time travelling then. Phew! :-D

  11. shared :)
    My dream for 2013 is to have closure with a previous relationship and have the 
    weight and stress of it off of my shoulders :)

  12. shared :P
    my dream 4 2013 is to tell my parents im wiccan

  13. Hi! 
    This will be fun, so that is what I put on FB!!

  14. Shared on Facebook.  My year for 2013 is to have confidence in myself.

  15. That should be my dream for 2013.  Oops.

  16. Shared on Facebook, Twitter and the G +1 thing lol. And for this year my biggest dream is to finally do what I want to and what makes me happy. Instead of focusing on everyone else. Its about time I do what's right for me.