Can you feel Spring in the air? Are you getting ready for Spring Cleaning? I am, and today we are going to talk about the PERFECT Goddess to help you get your clean on.

She goes by the name of Hestia, and when it comes to Housekeeping, she is God.

Hestia, Greek Goddess of the Hearth and Home, she who sits quietly in front of the hearth fire. Hestia has always been one of my favorite Goddesses. You might think that I would be attracted to Artemis or Aphrodite but no, I always had an affection for this quiet Goddess. Which was difficult, because unlike the other Goddesses not much is known about Hestia.

In Greek Mythology, the Titan Cronos was afraid that his children would overthrow his ruling of Olympus, just as he had overthrown his father. As each of his children were born, he promptly swallowed them. His youngest child Zeus eventually defeated him and he vomited his children back up. Hestia was the first one swallowed and the last one to come back up. She then became known as the "first and last". The Greeks would pay homage to her at both the end and the beginning of ritual.

Hestia is also known for giving up her seat on Mount Olympus for the God Dionysus so that she could devote to spending all of her time tending the sacred fires. Which speaks to her giving nature and her dedication to her duties.

It was tradition when moving into a new home to evoke Hestia and ask for her blessing. Often times the Greeks would take the fire from their old home and bring it to the new.

Light a candle and ask Hestia to bless your home and to watch over your family.

If you are having trouble finding the motivation to do chores asking Hestia for assistance will give you just the push that you need. Any activities that involve the home, such as cleaning, cooking, redecorating, can all benefit from a touch of Hestia Magic. Invite the warm, loving, constant, flame of her love into your life.

Use this time to make your home into some place sacred.

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