Join me for 30 Days of Meditation!

meditation1As we move into autumn I talked about turning inward and that desire to begin to hibernate, to get in touch with my inner bits and slooooow down. I’d really (really!) like for you to join me. One of the things that has been really helpful to that theme of rest and introspection is meditation. It’s one of my favorite things ever. The problem is when we see the things we love as optional to our well-being when they are essential. 

This last month has been really difficult for me. Growing pains, life changes – so many things are going on in my life and I found myself so busy dealing with those changes that I forgot to deal with stress, which caused anxiety, which added to more stress – and before I realized it I’d allowed something that was completely manageable to snowball into this gigantic problem that is taking over every aspect of my life.

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October: Cultivating Boundaries

boundariesI am a very firm believer that boundaries are one of the foundations of self love. I’ve written about it here, and here, and here. You’ve got to have boundaries. You’ve got to have the ability to say “No. This is not okay.” no matter how painful and cringy it feels to say those words, to disappoint people that you might genuinely care about. You need to have that boundary with yourself and you need to have it with others. It’s essential.

You need to have your limit. You need to know what too far is for you.

If you’re following along in your handy, dandy 2015 Self Love Planner you’ll know that boundaries is the theme for October. I invite you to pull out your notebook or your blog and work on the journaling prompt and the assignments in the planner to help you embrace the theme of this month.

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When the body says “rest”: REST

nicedaysThe theme for this month in the Self Love Planner was Rest. It couldn’t be a more perfect reminder for me. Every year about this time I burrow inside of myself. I don’t want to do anything. I want to rest, I want to recoup, I want to enjoy the leaves falling and the coolness in the air and I want to think of nothing.

I never think of nothing though.

Each year I fall into a depression and I’ve realized it’s because I resist. I fight against that feeling of curling up and hiding inside of my shell. I try to force myself out and my soul starts kicking and screaming I don’t want to. So often I end up at war with myself.

This time is different. This time I’m listening.

This year has been full of new experiences and life challenges and the ensuing wisdom that follows.

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Suicide Awareness Month: You are not alone


This month is suicide prevention month and I wanted to take a moment to speak about suicide and my own experience.

I don’t remember when I first thought about suicide but I do remember being about 11 or 12 and feeling like I didn’t want to exist anymore. I wanted to disappear. As I got older and hormones and puberty kicked in I struggled a lot with my body image and even more with (what I didn’t realize at the time) social anxiety. Suicide became something that I thought about often as a teenage and into my early adulthood.

I thought that there was something wrong with me.

There were things wrong with me and that’s okay. We all have issues and baggage and mental illness is just that – something wrong with your brain chemistry that you can not control. I was struggling but I thought I was alone. I thought I was broken.

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Breathe. Rest. Breathe Again.


Happy happy September! This is my favorite month out of the entire year and I always get extra mushy around this time. I want you to love you and I want me to love me and I want us all to just love each other because that’s a pretty amazing feeling.

“Love is what we are; we don’t get it from somebody, we can’t give it to anybody, we can’t fall in it or fall out of it. Love is our true Being.” -Krishna Das

Once we start feeling this way love stops being this selfishly horded commodity that we’re afraid to give away or afraid that we’ll never have enough of. I think that we should all strive to just be love, because in those rare moments that we succeed, it’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, every month I share the monthly theme for the 2015 Self Love Planner and I want to talk about a really important concept that maybe you aren’t too familiar with.

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