Can you believe that Christmas is only a week away? If you're a Scrooge or a holiday reveler I hope you're enjoying the month, practicing self care and enjoying copious amounts of hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Today I have Printable Holiday Tags for you!

Download them here! You can print them, cut them, and then attach them to gifts, slip them in cards, or do a whole random act of kindness thing and put them where strangers might find them. You might brighten someone's day!

Warm hugs to all of you wonderful people!

I hope today finds you well dear readers! I'm curled up this morning with my lovely kitties (One year anniversary of adopting them is tomorrow!), a cup of sinus-opening tea, and a warm heating pad. I also made some facebook covers for ya to spruce up your profile page a bit! Enjoy!

Today is just one of those days where I want to curl up with my blanket and a nice hot cup of tea! (That's totally my plan for the rest of the day!) I'm currently enjoying a wee bit of a winter cold so I'll keep this short and to the point, I made wallpapers for your phone, enjoy! p.s. Click on the pictures for the full size!

Do you want to start the year out by writing your heart out? Do you want to tell your story? Get some writer therapy and let out all of those things that have been waiting for you to give them voice? Journey Through Journaling is a three week e-course full of insightful questions that will inspire you to get stuff out.

What do you want to write?

Maybe you have a blog or a diary or a daily journaling practice and you are finding it difficult to come up with things to write about, never fear! There are some really tough questions that require you to dig deep inside of yourself for the answers. It's good stuff.

A lot of us, especially those of a sensitive nature, experience a lot of anxiety, whether it be just because of the frantic energy of the season or what's going on in our lives around this time of the year. I can remember many a Christmas that ended in anxiety, overwhelm, and tears because I didn't know how to practice self care.

I didn't know that it was okay to stop and take care of myself. I thought that I had to push through it all in the name of getting things done. Thinking of, buying, and wrapping gifts, all of the lines and shopping, decorating, dealing with holiday depression, work... it would all add up until it would break me and I'd spend some time crying by twinkling Christmas tree lights. There are much better ways to spend the holidays!

Maybe you are great at managing your anxiety, maybe you're not, or maybe you're getting there. 

On the fourth day of Solstice...
I give to you the gift of planning and dreaming and letting go. What is your wish for the new year? What are you wanting to cast away from yourself so that you can begin again all fresh, new, and so much wiser.

It's time to get your writer-girl on!

Today's gift is an itty bity .pdf that's designed to let you write your little heart out. Save it to your computer. Open it up in a .pdf reader and just start typing in the box, right there on your computer about all of those yearnings and feels that are right there inside of you.

Homework for today: Write until you just can't write anymore. Really just let it out, all of it. When was the last time you spent a whole morning letting words pour out from your soul?