Don't you just love when something utterly beautiful pops up in your Facebook timeline? This lovely tidbit comes from the wise Pixie Campbell and it just resonated so deeply with my heart that I wanted to share it.

Do you have a person that you are able to share your whole self with?

Do you remember the first time you felt really alone? Maybe it was just after a break-up or right after moving out on your own or maybe it just hit you in a random moment.

Being alone can be scary. It brings up a lot of feelings of vulnerability and fragility. Humans are social creatures and we love that feeling of being part of a group, a family, or a couple.

Which can sometimes make it hard to see what a beautiful gift being alone can be. It makes you really open yourself up. Alone-ness, solitude, is the sanctuary that allows you to get in touch with your essence. It strips away all of the outside stuff, all of the distractions, and allows you to get in touch with your true self.

Who are you when you aren’t being defined by someone else?

Here's a message from Oracle of the Shapeshifters by Lucy Cavendish.

One of the things I always struggled with when I was younger was time. I felt like it always took me too much time. It took me too long to make friends, it took me too long to think of the right things to say in social situations, too long to fall in love or fall out of love, too long to make up my mind, to make life decisions. So much wasted time dealing with grief or sadness or stress.

I wondered why it took me so long to deal with things, to get over them, when it seemed like everyone else just flipped a switch and everything was fine. I know that's not true now. I know that we are resilient and that some people do bounce back faster than others, but just because it looks like someone has it all together doesn't mean they do.

We can't judge ourselves by how someone else operates, especially when looking at it from the outside.

The only thing we can do is honor ourselves and our journey. We all have different operating systems, we can't force them to go faster, we just gotta take our time. It's ours to take and no one else's.

I wanted to share with you a lovely message from the Gaia Oracle Card Deck by Toni Carmine Salerno which I pulled a card from this morning.

Eternal Dance: Movement, Wheel of Life, Path of least resistance.

“The Lady featured on this card feels completely at one with nature. She is in tune with the rhythm of the Earth and her changing cycles. She does not resist the forces of nature but moves gracefully with the wind. Yet, though her body sways with the wind, she is not swayed from her path, for her feet are firmly planted in the Earth; she remains poised, dignified and balanced."

Let that image sink in for a moment and think about what it means. It is so important to know your foundation and then allow yourself to move with the challenges that come your way, much like in Know When To Bend.

So ask yourself the question:

Where are your feet planted?

Where do you act from? Is it a place of fear or love or what is in your best interest? It's an important question to ask yourself because when you know your Big Why things fall together so much easier!

Happy October my loves! As the year winds down I really want you to turn the focus toward self love and self care. It's such an important recovery tool and such a good way to connect with yourself. I wanted to share with you some really wonderful and easy Autumn Self Love tips. One of the traditional Autumn themes is that of letting go and releasing those things that are no longer good for you. Also enjoyment. Pure, absolute enjoyment, that's a really important part too.

Start every morning in a loving manner. You have no idea how important it is that you wake up on the right side of the bed, it sets the tone for the whole day. Try to keep those "Ugh I don't wanna get up and this day sucks" thoughts to a minimum. Be grateful for a brand new day, be kind to yourself (even when you wake up grumpy), and let yourself embrace The Happy.

As the temperatures wind down make a conscious effort to dress for comfort and to wear things you are in love with. Find a nice pair of comfy pajamas to slip into the minute you walk into the door. Buy a brand new hoody to chase away the chill. Find clothes that make you happy and make you feel good.